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Last updated:
Jan 01 01:01:00 CET 1970

2 Oct 2003 - And there was life!

Indeed, there is life, even here. It's been more than 4 years (!) since I last commented any updates here, 11 months was kind of optimistic it seems. So what is new? Well, some.. first of all the machine changed location a few years back, along with the rest of NVG. My own involvement in NVG has also declined, and I rarely have physical contact with this machine these days, but that's what the network is for :) On the software side I have cleaned out lots of old and unused software, and few weeks ago I managed to drop in the portage system from Gentoo Linux, and I'm slowly migrating from RedHat rpm packages to Gentoo portage builds. So far the migration has been surprisingly smooth - 54 packages have been migrated, including gcc, the toolchain and various gentoo packages. Ah well, so long.. more updates to follow in a few years or so :)

6 Sep 1999 - G'boing!!

It seems that eleven months between every time I update this section is what suits me most :)    Anyways, what has changed since last october? Well, first of all, the machine has just got a new disk, the system running now is Redhat5.2 for m68k, the webserver is apache 1.3.9 with php 3.0.12, rams is using mSQL 2.0.11 and the python in use is 1.5.1 (soon to be 1.5.2). Lately I've also started experimenting with rebol, which is at 2.1.2. Rebol is also partially used for RAMS, but that's not my doing :)

Another significant change is the use of virtual webhosts, both RAMS and The Linux/m68k Home Pages are such virtual hosts. Perhaps we will do the same for the UAE discussion board and the ADF archive also, yet to be decided. Ah, and now I've mentioned another thing that is new, the UAE Discussion Board which is a board where users of UAE share their experience and knowledge. The board is maintained by Warlock who also is resposible for the constantly ADF archive which now features over 500 demos.

So, what's on the to-do list? Well, first of all I want a revamp of the layout of amiga.nvg.org, I've been thinking about it for months, but has so far not managed to pull off anything (how typical :) .) Secondly I would like to get a new tower for the machine, the current PC Tower solution is somewhat messy and fragile. I've been looking around and even though it's not the technically most advanced solution, I think the Infinitiv-II towers frim Micronik will be it, at least it looks good, and the pricetag isnt that scary.

Well, I think that's it for now, the next update will most likely be in august next year, august year 2000, wow time flies doesnt it?
Bye for now! :)

26 Oct 1998 - Oh well...

Someone just pointed out for me that it's been a while since this news section has been updated. Nah.. really? :)

Well, what can I say, I'm a lazy guy. To put it short, our adf archive has got a new layout, the RAMS pages are avaible from the main page, a support link to Operation Clambake has been added, and also a link to Amiga Info, a magazine I would like to recommend for those who can read swedish.

What else... ya, I've added a few of my most humble projects for Linux and Amiga under their respective subdirs, enjoy :)

14 Nov 1997 - amiga.nvg.org.

From now on this site is also avaible as http://amiga.nvg.org/.

7 Oct 1997 - More Linux/m68k stuff added pluss more.

In addition to the official Linux/m68k Home Page, also mirrors of the MacLinux, NeXTLinux and Linux/Sun3 home pages. Links to other Linux/m68k ports is also added on the Linux page

Also added link from the Amiga Section to the good old NVG Amiga Homepage, and winded up Warlock's ADF archive.

22 Sep 1997 - amiga.nvg.ntnu.no back up (again, that is)

After a few weeks offline due to technical problems we're back up running again. Basicly what happened was that debian failed to install properly when upgrading to libc6, and since I havent had much time lately it laid idle for some weeks. Hopefully everything is working now :)

1 June 1997 - Added Linux/m68k stuff!

A mirror of the official Linux/m68k Home Pages is now avaible under <http://amiga.nvg.ntnu.no//linux/mirrors/lawrencc/>. The Linux/m68k pages are still under construction, not sure what to put here, perhaps some debian packages (if I ever get around to make any :) ).

31 May 1997 - amiga.nvg.ntnu.no is now back up with a web-server!

After some major hardware upgrades, including a towercase and a a2o65 ethernet card, amiga.nvg.ntnu.no is now fully back in business. Expect a page with more hardware info coming up soon ;) Currently the site containes a adf archive with old amiga demos for use with UAE (Unix Amiga Emulator) maintained by Warlock, a python archive maintained by Sk and general amiga stuff, maintained by Kolla.
Client info

Please send questions, inquiries and comments on this webpage to kolla@nvg.org

This server is an Amiga a12ooCT (Custom Tower), powered by a Motorola 68o3o/882@5oMHz,
running on Gentoo and Linux/m68k.