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It was about time I made some changes to this site. I have now collected most of the Amiga resources i maintain on this site under these pages. First of all there have been a mayor upgrade to the WarTrans section (not only the pages but also a new version of WarTrans). And for you who don't know, WarTrans is a serial transfer program used to transfer files from a PC to a Amiga500.

Warlock's ADF Archive is mainly for those of you who are running some Amiga emulator like Fellow or UAE on your computer. It is basicly gziped disk-images of old classic Amiga demos. All the ADF's have been tested by me personaly, and they all work on emulators (either UAE or Fellow with some tweaking). The compability list there was way outdated so i removed it. I guess I have do some updates there too...
Anyway I add ADF's on request (as long as i can find them and they are legal to distribute).

Futher the UAE Discussion Board can be found on this server, ask there if you wonder about anything about Amiga Emulation, that's probably the quickest way to get constructive answers to your questions. Ofcourse you could allways send a mail to me to.

Since many ask for a gun-zip program for Dos/Windows all the time, here is one (evethough winzip should be able to handle these files):

Also we've had quite a few mails about transferring ADF files back to floppies on amigas, here are some tools to help you do that:

TransADF.lha - readme
adf2disk11.lha - readme
adf2fms.lha - readme
You can also use a small program which follows both UAE and fellow, transdisk, which can both make adf's of disks, and transfer them back. you can also cut up the adf in pieces if you have to little memory, too (use the ? parameter on it to find out what it does..)

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