Daneel CPU: Motorola 68030+882 @ 50Mhz
RAM: 32+2MB
Disk: 18GB, IBM-DJNA-371800
Other: Blizzard 1230III/SCSI, Micronik-ZII, Commodore a2065 ethernet, Hitachi CDR-8230

Daneel is mostly running Linux/m68k nowadays.

Old daneel (pic1) Old daneel (pic2)

Now and then

Yes, this is actually the machine this site is hosted on, a humble Amiga A1200, named Daneel, running linux/m68k. Currently, Daneel is placed in a cheap PC towercase, as you can see on the picture to the left, but ofcourse, it hasnt been like that from the start. The pictures above shows Daneel as he was in his golden age as desktop bread box (around '94-'96). The second picture shows how an amiga can run both X and Win3.1 ontop of AmigaOS.
Emulation Galore :)