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Jan 01 01:01:00 CET 1970


If you wish to contact the owners of the amigas at NVG try mailing to amiga-drift@nvg.ntnu.no. We usually don't bite, but try, given it's possible for us, to be at least slightly informative.

There are of course more members of NVG who have an interest in the Amiga than those who have made their boxes publicly available. If you wish to get in touch with any of those, or are one of them and aren't included in the following alias, mail to amigoid@nvg.ntnu.no.

We are trying to maintain some pages dedicated to assembler on the Amiga, here at NVG. It's a bit bare yet, but we're working on that. A page which, though it is in the same hierarchy, contains a bit more than only assembler stuff is Loose ends and MC680X0 sources".

Various amiga related

* Amiga computers here at NVG.
* A few amiga related projects done at NVG.
* Some nice animations done by Ole Andre Schistad with Lightwave.
* Everything you wanted to know about the Amiga, but were afraid to ask: Amiga-FAQ.
* Various Amiga Reference Manuals (restricted access.)
* The good old NVG Amiga homepage.
Client info

Please send questions, inquiries and comments on this webpage to kolla@nvg.org

This server is an Amiga a12ooCT (Custom Tower), powered by a Motorola 68o3o/882@5oMHz,
running on Gentoo and Linux/m68k.