Note that `1>' is the prompt AmigaShell gives when it is waiting for a command. The number varies, and the prompt can be customised to look completely different. It is not a part of the command.


The quotes around the vertical bar are important, to avoid AmigaShell interpreting the command as an attempt to use PIPE:, if _pchar is already set (for example if the Shell is started from within another one).


A patch is available on Aminet for Kickstart 3.0 to do this without manual actions in the file `os30/util/Monitor30Patch.lha'.


PAL/NTSC switching with a MultiSync monitor is possible on 2.0+ and easily accomplished by moving the PAL monitor type to (or NTSC, as applicable, I have them both in) the Devs/Monitors drawer (from the Storage/Monitors drawer), reboot, then go into the Prefs drawer and select the ScreenMode program. You will see at least two PAL modes available (PAL and PAL Interlaced). Simply select one of the (usually non-interlaced for demos) and select "Use". All windows on the Workbench will close, the video mode will change, and then the windows will reopen -- that simple!

Allen J. Newton,


Which means: For Non-Developers.


If you have a turbo board


This problem arises most frequently for owners of Aztec which is no longer supported and owners of Dice, which has sometimes rather incomplete libraries. I own both ...