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Is it possible to use AmigaBasic on the A1200?

We heard conflicting reports about AmigaBasic on the A1200: While I said that you can work sufficiently with it, others said that this isn't possible, as AmigaBasic crashes on the slightest little error. I couldn't reproduce this.

Now I can. It depends on the setting in the Sound Prefs editor. When you activate a sound there, this conflicts with sound that AmigaBasic tries to produce by hand and obviously not quite the correct way itself.

Easy solution: To work with AmigaBasic on the A1200, just

  1. Switch off sound output in the Sound prefs editor.
  2. On the A4000 (as well as on an A1200 with Fast Mem expansion (6)) you additionally need to run NoFastMem.
  3. Better avoid SUBs and use conventional GOSUBs instead, then the compatibility with newer processors will be higher.

Dr. Peter Kittel, peterk@cbmger.de.so.commodore.co

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