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My Compiler/Linker is complaining about missing symbol xxx.

First be sure, that the function is really missing: For example floating point functions are in a special link library and you need a linker option like `-lm' to include it into your program. Another possibility would be that you are using a library function and didn't notice it. This might lead to a missing library base, `IntuitionBase' for example. In that case just put something like
    struct Library *IntuitionBase;
somewhere in the global part of your program. (Don't forget to call OpenLibrary() and CloseLibrary! :-)

However, you could as well use a function which really isn't present in your library at all. If you have, for example, an amiga.lib from 2.0 you would hardly find the locale functions or the pool memory functions. (7) Best solution is to get the NDU (see Where do I get the Amiga includes?), but you probably don't want to wait for it. In that case you have to find what kind of function you are missing.

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