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The Amiga-FAQ archive

The Amiga-FAQ is available in different formats: Ascii format (which is posted to the nets) AmigaGuide format (which is the adequate format on the Amiga) and in dvi format (to be printed). Additionally there is some stuff, that might be useful or interesting, but could not be included into the Amiga-FAQ:
txt/amiga.history       On the Amiga's history
txt/story.txt           The Commodore story (or: the Tramiel
                        story ;-)
txt/amiga.newsgroups    Overview on comp.sys.amiga.*
txt/amiga.sites         List of FTP sites
txt/AmigaOverview.tex   A short overview on the Amiga-Soft- and
txt/Hardware.tips       For those people who can't live without solder
src/JWSplit.c           The source of a file splitter
src/JWJoin.c            The opponent to JWSplit
src/addtoc.c            Utility to add a toc to texinfo-created docs
                        (this document uses it)
programmers/*           Some stuff for programmers: pragmas, vararg
                        versions of some tag functions and some
                        amiga.lib functions (HookEntry, DoMethod)

I decided to collect these in the Amiga-FAQ archive. It is called AmigaFAQ.lha and can be found on Aminet, directory `docs/misc'.

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