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What monitors will work on my Amiga 1200/4000?

Monitors can be classified after the horizontal scan frequency they require. TVs, as well as C='s 1084 monitor, need frequencies around 15 kHz. VGA/SVGA need approx. 30 kHz. Multisync monitors can take many frequencies.

In short: You can use any monitor you want with an A1200. BUT:

For a VGA/SVGA or Multisync monitor, you'd need a little shiny box which gives you the standard 15-pin "D" connector. It costs around $15.

There are other alternatives... like the "AmiVGA" box ($50 or so), which I think is a cheapo version of the Flicker Fixer. (But it's really a shame to use this on an AGA Amiga.)

Also, you can get a VGA monitor, and hook up your TV to the composite or RF port on the Amiga - one monitor for games, one for serious stuff.

(Per Espen Hagen, per.e.hagen@ffi.no)

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