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Using PIPE: in a standard AmigaShell environment

First, make sure `PIPE:' is mounted. You can do this by giving the command
    1> Mount PIPE:
in a Shell window. On an AmigaOS 2.1+ system, `PIPE:' is normally mounted on startup by placing the mount entry file `PIPE' in the drawer `DEVS:DosDrivers'.

In an AmigaShell window, give the commands:

    1> Run List SYS: >PIPE:Listoutput
    1> More <PIPE:Listoutput

These two commands list the contents of the `SYS:' volume to a pipe and then type it in the Shell window. You could also use:

    1> Run List SYS: NOHEAD >PIPE:Listoutput
    1> Run Sort PIPE:Listoutput PIPE:Sortedoutput
    1> More <PIPE:Sortedoutput
Notice that you need to `Run' all the programs except for the last one. This is so that you can get them all running simultaneously. You could also use several Shell windows, or any other way of running all the programs at the same time. Also this might not work if `More' isn't the standard Commodore AmigaOS 2.04+ More found in `SYS:Utilities'.

In case you need to manually flush a pipe, for example because the program that was reading from it aborts prematurely, it can be done with the command:

    1> Type PIPE:name TO NIL:

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