Warlocks AmigaBasic Transfer Program

Oh, Well

This is a Rather stupid Serial Transfer-program written in AmigaBasic (yuch!)

Since so many UAE users whine about a way to move files to their old A500 and so on, but dont have anything but their WB disks to help them and no friends in sight with CrossDOS etc. *cry* I wrote this to stop the Whining (but if you actually use it *gasp* please send me a mail at 'warlock@nvg.ntnu.no' and tell me)

Whell this is a solution how to send some small files to your incredible real thing called Amiga500 (but since AmigaBasic is so incredibly stupid (ofcourse it is, its a Microsoft program) you can only send ASCII / HEX files over the Serial Port so we have to make the Binaries to HexFiles first)

And btw IMPORTANT *flash flash and so one* the hexfile cant be bigger than 32767 bytes (that means the binary cant be bigger than 16383 bytes) because the limitations of some of the seperating strings running in AmigaBasic.

My suggestion is to transfer transdisk and/or some program like CrossDOS etc. (AExplorer if you are lucky to have Cloanto's Amiga Forever) and then Forget this program ever existed....

Well, enough said... *blah blah blah*

How To Use It:

I strongly recomend that you make all "New files" to ram:<something> to avoid loss of bytes (which in extreme causes locks the program, and you must reboot) then you can copy it wherever you like afterwards...

Hmm, have i forgot something now?     Probably...

Contact me at:
Also visit: http://amiga.nvg.org/

View the source code (oh well, AmigaBasic files saved as ASCII ;) )

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With a small program called "Asplit" I splited transdisk in 3 shards and sent it over to my A500 (using WarTrans) where i joined the 3 shards again with the join-command

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