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Inline Headers

The inline headers for gcc can be created from the original CBM fd files. See Where do I get the Amiga includes?. See What are pragmas?. They can be created as follows:

CLI> Assign INCLUDE: GCC:os-include
CLI> Assign FD: INCLUDE:fd
CLI> Makedir INCLUDE:inline
CLI> cd USR:bin/geninline
CLI> gen31

This will create all inline-headers in `GCC:os-include/inline'. If you have 2.0 headers, use gen20 instead, if you have 3.0, use gen30. OS3.1 (rev 40.13) inline headers are included with the current version of gcc. See Current Version.

NOTE: perl scripts do not handle correctly AmigaDOS include files, which seems to mean they are somewhat broken. This needs some voluntary work ...

There is also another way of generating inline headers, using fd2inline program:

CLI> fd2inline <fd_file> <proto_file>

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