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Sources for Gcc

All GCC sources & binaries are available on:

  1. Aminet sites (wuarchive.wustl.edu and mirrors such as ftp.luth.se) in /pub/aminet/dev/gcc
  2. Ramses The Amiga Flying BBS:
    	+33-1-60037015  HST Dual v32 terbo 4800-21600
            +33-1-60037713  SupraFax v32bis    4800-14400
            +33-1-60037716  Tornado v22bis     1200-2400
    in Topic `Development', Area `Gcc' (are 156).

GNU source code is available on:

  1. the same FTP site you've taken the binary distribution from
  2. gnu.prep.ai.mit.edu ( in `/pub/gnu'
  3. Ramses The Amiga Flying BBS in Topic `AmigaUnix/Unix/Linux/NetBSD', Area `Gnu Source Code'

These archives should contain everything necessary to get you going, they don't include sources for ixemul.library, which are available on Aminet sites in `/pub/aminet/dev/gcc/ixemsrc3947.tar.gz' (as of this writing, work is in progress for the v40 version of ixemul.library, sources will be available on an Aminet site near you).

As stated by Richard Stallman of the FSF:

"The GPL says that any distribution of binaries must contain either the source code or a written offer to supply source code (see the GPL for details of what is required)."

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