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A quick HowTo

  1. Downlad WarTrans form the Download page.

  2. Start AmigaBasic on your Amiga.

  3. Type in the program found in the zipfile or at Print.phtml
    • Make sure it's typed correctly and that eveything inside the "" is in right case
    • Every thing inside the "" are letters (some confuse lovercase L to be the number one)
    • Eveything after a # is a number (not lovercase L as some might think)

  4. Select a file to transfer to the Amiga by eiher typing in the full path of the file into the "File to send" area, browse it from the open button, or dragdrop it int WarTrans.

  5. Type in the name of the file to create on the amiga (this has to be a valid amiga path/filename) in the "File to create" area.

  6. Start the AmigaBasic program and click transfer on the PC program. (independent of start order)

  7. Wait for it to finish.

  8. Redo form 4. for every file you wish to send to the Amiga (exept that you don't have to stop and start the AmigaBasic program).

The Warlock