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Frequently Asked Questions

AmigaBasic halts with an error on the first line: 'OPEN "com1:9600,n,8,1" AS #1'
If you have typed this in correctly there can only be one explanation to this error; you don't have a file called serial.device in your DEVS: folder (or it is broken).

AmigaBasic halts with an error on the 9th line: 'OPEN FileName$ FOR OUTPUT AS #2'
This can be caused by two things to my knowing:
  1. You have typed an invalid path/filename on the PC side of the software in the "File to create" area.
  2. You have typed "N1" (N and the number one) instead of "Nl" (N and the lovercase L) in line 5 in your AmigaBasic code. (I know; its hard to differ in many fonts). This goes for every thing inside the "", they are never numbers.

The transfer starts, and both PC and Amiga counts to 100, but then i get a timeout
You have most probably not typed "ok" in line 19 of your AmigaBasic code. Everything inside the "" are case sensitive so the program will not work if you typed "Ok", "OK" or "oK" here.

Also make sure you have all the ; at the end of the line on the right places, specialy on line 17 and 19.

The Warlock