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;/* simpletask.c - Execute me to compile me with SAS C 5.10
LC -b1 -cfistq -v -y -j73 simpletask.c
Blink FROM LIB:c.o,simpletask.o TO simpletask LIBRARY LIB:LC.lib,LIB:Amiga.lib

simpletask.c - Uses the amiga.lib function CreateTask() to create a simple
subtask.  See the Includes and Autodocs manual for CreateTask() source code
#include <exec/types.h>
#include <exec/memory.h>
#include <exec/tasks.h>
#include <libraries/dos.h>

#include <clib/exec_protos.h>
#include <clib/alib_protos.h>

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#ifdef LATTICE
int CXBRK(void) { return(0); }   /* Disable Lattice CTRL/C handling */
int chkabort(void) {return(0);}

#define STACK_SIZE 1000L

/* Task name, pointers for allocated task struct and stack */
struct Task *task = NULL;
char *simpletaskname = "SimpleTask";

ULONG sharedvar;

/* our function prototypes */
void simpletask(void);
void cleanexit(UBYTE *,LONG);

void main(int argc,char **argv)
    sharedvar = 0L;

    task = CreateTask(simpletaskname,0,simpletask,STACK_SIZE);
    if(!task)  cleanexit("Can't create task",RETURN_FAIL);

    printf("This program initialized a variable to zero, then started a\n");
    printf("separate task which is incrementing that variable right now,\n");
    printf("while this program waits for you to press RETURN.\n");
    printf("Press RETURN now: ");

    printf("The shared variable now equals %ld\n",sharedvar);

    /* We can simply remove the task we added because our simpletask does not make */
    /* any system calls which could cause it to be awakened or signalled later.    */

void simpletask()
    while(sharedvar < 0x8000000) sharedvar++;
    /* Wait forever because main() is going to RemTask() us */

void cleanexit(UBYTE *s, LONG e)
    if(*s) printf("%s\n",s);