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 Audio--Corrupted Samples 
 Character Input/Output Problems 
 CLI Error Message Problems 
 CLI Won't Close on RUN 
 Crashes and Memory Corruption 
 Crashes--After Exit 
 Crashes--Only on 68000 and 68010 
 Crashes--Only on 68040 
 Crashes--Subtasks, Interrupts 
 Crashes--Window Related 
 Crashes--Workbench Only 
 Device-related Problems 
 Disk Icon Won't Go Away 
 DOS-related Problems 
 Fails only on 68020/30 
 Fails only on 68000 
 Fails only on Older ROMs or Older WB 
 Fails only on Newer ROMs or Newer WB 
 Fails only on Chip-RAM-Only Machines 
 Fails only on machines with Fast RAM 
 Fails only with Enhanced Chips 
 Graphics--Corrupted Images 
 Hang--One Program Only 
 Hang--Whole System 
 Memory Loss 
 Memory Loss--CLI Only 
 Memory Loss--Ctrl-C Exit Only 
 Memory Loss--During Execution 
 Memory Loss--Workbench Only 
 Menu Problems 
 Out-of-Sync Response to Input 
 Performance Loss in Other Processes 
 Performance Loss--On A3000 
 Trackdisk Data not Transferred 
 Windows--Borders Flicker after Resize 
 Windows--Visual Problems