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The ROM-based IEEE single-precision basic math library was introduced in
V36.  This library contains entries for the basic IEEE single-precision
mathematics functions, such as add, subtract, and divide.  (Note,
registered developers can license a disk-based version of this library
from CATS, for usage with V33).

The library is opened by making calling OpenLibrary() with
"mathieeesingbas.library" as the argument.  Do not share the library base
pointer between tasks -- see note at beginning of chapter for details.

    #include <exec/types.h>
    #include <libraries/mathieeesp.h>

    #include <clib/mathsingbas_protos.h>

    struct Library *MathIeeeSingBasBase;

    VOID main()
        /* do not share base pointer between tasks. */
    if (MathIeeeSingBasBase = OpenLibrary("mathieeesingbas.library", 37))
        printf("Can't open mathieeesingbas.library\n");

The global variable MathIeeeSingBasBase is used internally for all future
library references.

If an 680X0/68881/68882 processor combination is available, it will be
used by the IEEE single-precision basic library instead of the software
emulation.  Also, if an autoconfigured math resource is available, that
will be used.  Typically this is a 68881 designed as a 16 bit I/O port,
but it could be another device as well.

 SP IEEE Basic Functions (V36 or Greater)