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The StoreLocalItem() function is called as follows:

    error = StoreLocalItem (iff, lci, position);

The position argument determines where the LCI is stored.  The possible

IFFSLI_ROOT causes StoreLocalItem() to store your LCI in the default

IFFSLI_TOP gets your LCI stored in the top (current) ContextNode.

    The LCI Ends When the Current Context Ends.
    When the current context expires, your LCI will be deleted by
    the parser.

IFFSLI_PROP causes your LCI to be stored in the topmost context from which
a property would apply.  This is usually the topmost FORM or LIST chunk.
For example, suppose you had a deeply nested ILBM FORM, and you wanted to
store the BMHD property in its correct context such that, when the current
FORM context expired, the BMHD property would be deleted.  IFFSLI_PROP
will cause StoreLocalItem() to locate the proper context for such scoping,
and store the LCI there.  See the section on "Finding the Prop Context"
for additional information on the scope of properties.