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The application must first allocate and initialize a Layer_Info data
structure which the system uses to keep track of layers that are created,
use statements like:

    struct Layer_Info *theLayerInfo;

    if (NULL != (theLayerInfo = NewLayerInfo()))
        /* use Layer_Info */


Layers may be created in the common bit map by calling
CreateUpfrontLayer() or CreateBehindLayer(), with a sequence such as the

    struct Layer      *layer;
    struct Layer_Info *theLayerInfo;
    struct BitMap     *theBitMap;

    /* requests construction of a smart refresh layer. */
    if (NULL == (layer = CreateUpfrontLayer(theLayerInfo, theBitMap,
              20, 20, 100, 80, LAYERSMART, NULL)))
        error("CreateUpfrontLayer() failed.");
        ; /* layer successfully created here. */