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Amiga text rendering is centered around the graphics.library function
Text(), which renders text into a rastport:

    void Text( struct RastPort *myrp, STRPTR mystring, ULONG count );

where myrp is a pointer to the target rastport, mystring is the string to
render, and count is the number of characters of mystring to render.
Text() renders at the current rastport position and it takes care of
moving the rastport's current X position as it renders each letter.
Text() only renders text horizontally, so repositioning the rastport's Y
position (for example, for a new line) is the responsibility of the
application.  This is covered in more detail later in this chapter.

Like the other rastport based graphics primitives, most of the text
rendering attributes are specified within the RastPort structure itself.
The current position, the color of the text, and even the font itself are
all specified in the RastPort structure.

 Choosing the Font                      Rendering the Text 
 Setting the Text Drawing Attributes    Setting the Font Style