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These VSprite structure members are reserved for system use (do not write
to them):

    NextVSprite and PrevVSprite -- These are used as links in the
                                   GelsInfo list.

         DrawPath and ClearPath -- These are used for Bobs, not true

                  OldY and OldX -- Previous position holder, the system
                                   uses these for double buffered Bobs,
                                   but application programs can read
                                   them too.

The values can be set like this:

    myVSprite.NextVSprite = NULL;
    myVSprite.PrevVSprite = NULL;
    myVSprite.DrawPath  = NULL;
    myVSprite.ClearPath = NULL;
    myVSprite.OldY = 0;
    myVSprite.OldX = 0;