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The following example shows how to find out how much memory of a
particular type is available.

    ULONG size;

    size = AvailMem(MEMF_CHIP|MEMF_LARGEST);

AvailMem() returns the size of the largest chunk of available chip memory.

    AvailMem() May Not Be Totally Accurate.
    Because of multitasking, the return value from AvailMem() may be
    inaccurate by the time you receive it.

The following example shows how to determine the type of memory of a
specified memory address.

    ULONG memtype;

    memtype = TypeOfMem((APTR)0x090000);
    if ((memtype & MEMF_CHIP) == MEMF_CHIP) {/* ...It's chip memory... */}

TypeOfMem() returns the attributes of the memory at a specific address. If
it is passed an invalid memory address, TypeOfMem() returns NULL. This
routine is normally used to determine if a particular chunk of memory is
in chip memory.