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GadTools is the easy way to program gadgets and menus.  With GadTools, the
system handles the detail work required to control gadgets and menus so
the application uses less code and simpler data structures.

Another key benefit of GadTools is its standardized and elegant look.  All
applications that use GadTools will share a similar appearance and
behavior.  Users will appreciate a sense of instant familiarity even the
first time they use a product.

GadTools provides a significant degree of visual consistency across
multiple applications that use it.  For instance, in Release 2, the
Preferences editors, the Workbench "Information" window and Commodities
Exchange share the same polished look and feel thanks to GadTools.  There
is also internal consistency between different elements of GadTools; the
look is clean and orderly.  Depth is used not just for visual
embellishment, but as an important cue.  For instance, the user is free to
select symbols that appear inside a "raised" area, but "recessed" areas
are informational only, and clicking in them has no effect.

GadTools is not amenable to creative post-processing or hacking by
programmers looking to achieve a result other than what GadTools currently
offers.  Software developers whose needs extend beyond the standard
features of GadTools should create custom gadgets that share the look and
feel of GadTools by using either BOOPSI or by directly programming gadgets
at a lower level.  See the chapters on "Intuition Gadgets" and "BOOPSI"
for more information.  Follow the GadTools rules.  Only in this way may
GadTools grow and improve without hindrance, even allowing new features to
automatically appear in future software when reasonable.

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