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Use the PrintIText() call to directly draw the text into the target
RastPort of a window or screen.

    void PrintIText( struct RastPort *rp, struct IntuiText *iText,
                     long left, long top );

The rp argument is a pointer to the RastPort into which the text should be
drawn.  This RastPort can come from a Window or Screen structure.

The iText argument is a pointer to a list of IntuiText structures which
are to be rendered.  The list may contain a single IntuiText structure.
If the font is not specified in the IntuiText structure, Intuition will
render the text using the RastPort's font.

The left and top arguments give the external component, or base position
for this list of IntuiText structures.  The LeftEdge and TopEdge values in
each IntuiText structure are added to these to determine the final
position of the text.

IntuiText objects may also be drawn indirectly by attaching them to
gadgets, menus or requesters.