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Set the PROPNEWLOOK flag in the PropInfo Flags field to get the new 3D
look.  The new 3D look proportional gadgets have a dithered pattern in the
container and updated knob imagery.  The knob dimensions are also slightly
changed for those proportional gadgets with a border.

Set the PROPBORDERLESS flag in the PropInfo Flags field if no border
around the container is desired.  Setting this flag with PROPNEWLOOK will
provide a 3D knob.

    Proportional gadgets and the New 3D Look.
    To create prop gadgets that have the same look as the rest of the
    system, set the PROPNEWLOOK flag and clear the PROPBORDERLESS flag.
    It is recommended that applications follow this guideline to maintain
    a compatible look and feel for all gadgets in the system.

New look proportional gadgets placed in the border of a window will change
to an inactive display state when the window is deactivated.  This only
happens to gadgets that have the PROPNEWLOOK flag set and are in the
window border.  In the inactive state, the knob is filled with