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	SetParams -- change parameters for the parallel device

	This command allows the caller to change the EOFMODE parameter for
	the parallel port device. It will disallow changes if any reads or
	writes are active or queued.

	The PARB_EOFMODE bit of io_ParFlags controlls whether the
	io_PTermArray is to be used as an additional termination criteria
	for reads and writes.  It may be set directly without a call to
	SetParams, setting it here performs the additional service of
	copying the PTermArray into the device default array which is used
	as the initial array for subsequent device opens. The Shared bit
	can be changed here, and overrides the current device access mode
	set at OpenDevice time.

	io_Message      mn_ReplyPort initialized
	io_Device       preset by OpenDevice
	io_Unit         preset by OpenDevice
	io_Command      PDCMD_SETPARAMS (0A)
  			NOTE that the following fields of your IORequest
	                are filled by Open to reflect the parallel device's
	                current configuration.
	io_PExtFlags    must be set to zero, unless used
	io_ParFlags     see definition in parallel.i or parallel.h
	                NOTE that x00 yields exclusive access, PTermArray
	io_PTermArray   ASCII descending-ordered 8-byte array of
	                termination characters. If less than 8 chars
	                used, fill out array w/lowest valid value.
	                Terminators are used only if EOFMODE bit of
	                io_Parflags is set. (e.g. x512F040303030303 )
	                This field is filled on OpenDevice only if the
	                EOFMODE bit is set.

	io_Error -- if the SetParams succeded, then io_Error will be null.
	            if the SetParams failed, then io_Error will be non-zero.