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The potgo resource is used to get control of the hardware POTGO register
connected to the proportional I/O pins on the game controller ports. There
are two registers, POTGO (write-only) and POTINP (read-only). These pins
could also be used for digital I/O.

The potgo resource provides three functions for working with the POTGO

                       Potgo Resource Functions
     AllocPotBits()    Allocate bits in the POTGO register.

     FreePotBits()     Free previously allocated bits in the POTGO

     WritePotgo()      Set and clear bits in the POTGO register.
                       The bits must have been allocated before
                       calling this function.

The example program shown below demonstrates how to use the ptogo resource
to track mouse button presses on port 1.


Additional programming information on the potgo resource can be found in
the include files and the Autodocs for the potgo resource.

                         Potgo Resource Information
                      INCLUDES        resources/potgo.h

                      AUTODOCS        potgo.doc