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SCSI Device Command  Operation
-------------------  ---------
HD_SCSICMD           Issue a SCSI-direct command to a SCSI unit.

Trackdisk Device Commands Supported by the SCSI Device
TD_CHANGESTATE       Return the disk present/not-present status of a drive.
TD_FORMAT            Initialize one or more tracks with a data buffer.
TD_PROTSTATUS        Return the write-protect status of a disk.
TD_SEEK              Move the head to a specific track.

Exec Commands Supported by SCSI Device
CMD_READ             Read one or more sectors from a disk.
CMD_START            Restart a SCSI unit that was previously stopped with
CMD_STOP             Stop a SCSI unit.
CMD_WRITE            Write one or more sectors to a disk.

Exec Functions as Used in This Chapter
AbortIO()            Abort an I/O request to the SCSI device.
AllocMem()           Allocate a block of memory.
AllocSignal()        Allocate a signal bit.
CheckIO()            Return the status of an I/O request.
CloseDevice()        Relinquish use of the SCSI device. All requests must
                     be complete before closing.

DoIO()               Initiate a command and wait for completion
                     (synchronous request).

FreeMem()            Free a block of previously allocated memory.
FreeSignal()         Free a previously allocated signal.
OpenDevice()         Obtain use of the SCSI device.  You specify the type
                     of unit and its characteristics in the call to

WaitIO()             Wait for completion of an I/O request and remove it
                     from the reply port.

Exec Support Functions as Used in This Chapter
CreateExtIO()        Create an extended IORequest structure for use in
                     communicating with the SCSI device.

CreatePort()         Create a message port for reply messages from the
                     SCSI device.  Exec will signal a task when a message
                     arrives at the port.

DeleteExtIO()        Delete the extended IORequest structure created by

DeletePort()         Delete the message port created by CreatePort().