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My thanks go to:
Reinhard Spisser and Sebastiano Vigna
for the Amiga version of texinfo. This is written with it.

The Free Software Foundation
for the original version of texinfo and many other excellent programs.

Dylan McNamee
for contributing the sections on Editors, Word Processors, DTP and Postscript and some wording fixes.

Joseph Luk
for help in the section on chunky/planar, double buffering and PAL/NTSC

Urban Dominik Mueller
for the FAQ on FTP and Mail-servers.

Lars Hecking (lhecking@nmrc.ucc.ie)
Philippe Brand (phb@colombo.telesys-innov.fr)
for the complete gcc part

Jochen Wiedmann (zrawi01@decap2.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de)
for the composition and posting of the Amiga FAQ until July 1994.

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