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Discussing things

A mailing list is a server that allows to discuss special things via Email. The server holds a list of people that are interested in the respective topic. For example, the gcc mailing list will discuss bugs, new features and other problems of gcc. (see What compilers (assemblers) are there?) If a mail is sent to the server from someone he will forward this mail to all the other people on the list.

You will be added to the list by sending a mail to the server which will usually contain the word `Subscribe' or something similar. Once you are no more interested in the mailing list you can unsubscribe.

Unforunately the servers have a different syntax of subscribing and unsubscribing. The best way to find how to subscribe is to send a mail with the word `Help' to the server. He will reply a mail which should explain how to handle this special server.

Some mailing lists are:

Topic           Server

Amok            listserv@amokle.stgt.sub.org
Dice            dice-request@castrov.cuc.ab.ca         or
                dice-request@hactar.hanse.de (Germany)
gcc             listserv@lists.funet.fi
Lisp            amigalisp@contessa.phone.net
Mui             mui-request@taloa.unice.fr
Oberon-A        oberon-a-request@wossname.apana.org.au

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