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Getting files from a Mail server

Another way to get files is to use a mail server. This assumes that you can send mail to Internet addresses and get mail from Internet hosts. It works by sending a mail to the server specifying some commands, for example send commands for the files you want. Important mail servers are
The most important commands are:
Tells the server that you wish to get an Ascii file containing detailed explanation how to use the server.
Limit <number>
Specifys that you wish to get not more than <number> Kbytes per mail. Larger files get splitted into small pieces of at most <number> Kbytes which are sent as separate mails each. Note that the mails may get larger because of overhead.
Cwd <dir>
Sets the current working directory to <dir>. This directory is used by the commands send and dir.
will return a list of files and/or directories that the server offers. Note that this may be very large!
Index <item>
returns a list of files containing <item> in their names.
Dir [<dir>]
returns a list of the files and directories in the given directory.
Send <file1> <file2> ... <fileN>
Tells the server to send the given files to you.
Tells the server to ignore all lines above this command.
Like Begin, but specifies to ignore the lines below. (A signature for example!)
A typical session would be to send the following mail to the mail server:
CD /pub/aminet/util/arc
SEND LhA_e138.run

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