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Problems and Possible Solutions

  1. Pagestream does not recognize your newly installed font.

    This happens when you have two fonts with the same ID. The solution is to load such a font into a font editor and enter a new ID for one of the fonts. Still it might happen that you choose another one, that has already been used by!

  2. Your application does not find the IntelliFont.

    This happens when you haven't set the locigal device FONTS: to your drawer. You can change this by typing the following command into your SHELL or add this line to your `S:User-Startup' file:

      ASSIGN Fonts: <your_drawer> ADD

  3. You're using a non-latin font and the wrong characters appear when typing.

    This happens when you forget to set the appropriate keymap file. Enter the Prefs directory and start the program `INPUT'. There you can choose your keymap file.

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