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Amiga Font Utilities

  1. IntelliFont

    IntelliFont is the system program by OS 3.x which lets you install Agfa IntelliFonts and converts them to bitmap fonts. The program is located in the drawer `SYS:System/'. For more information read your Workbench 3.x manual.

  2. Fountain

    Is the preceding program to IntelliFont and comes with the now obsolete OS 2.x. Please read the section about Fountain in your Workbench 2.x manual.

  3. PFB2PFA

    This neat little utility lets you convert Postscript Binary files to Postscript ASCII files. This is needed in order to use DOS & Amiga Adobe Type 1 fonts on the Mac!

  4. CacheFont

    This great program caches the fontlist for you, in order to save a huge amount of time. The program looks for all fonts available on the system and creates a special cache-file on disk.

  5. TypeSmith

    This is the best font converter on the Amiga, besides this function it is also a full blown font editor (see below) :-). The program is able to convert between:

    @enumerate @item Truetype @item DMF @item Adobe (Type 1 & 3) @item IntelliFont @item Bitmap (Amiga, Adobe, DMF) @end enumerate

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