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Non-Latin fonts on the Amiga

Due to the really bad information policy by C= there was actually no information about non-latin fonts. But still it is possible to use them, without difficulty. You just have to get yourself some additional files. First of all you need the non-latin font files. There is a large selection of them on the Fresh Fonts CD-ROM mentioned above. In order to use the non-latin font files, you have to get yourself the appropriate keymap file, this will remap the keys on the keyboard to the appropriate letters of the foreign alphabet, e.g. in order to use a Russian font, you should set the russian keymap file in the preferences (via PREFS/INPUT).

Not only that you can write with a non-latin alphabet, you can also localize your workbench. How about a Greek workbench or a Hebrew workbench? Have a look into the AMINET archive (mentioned above) for these files!

In addition to this you can easily use Hebrew & Arabic in any word processor incl. writing from right-to-left! This can be easily done by setting the kerning value to negative values (like this the cursor moves left and not right) and moving the characters into the negativ part! You can get fonts from me with this feature!

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