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What is TeX and where can I get it?

TeX is a very powerful wordprocessing system. It can display mathematical formulas or complex tables as well as function graphs, creates indices, contents and many other things. Its greatest advantage is that it is freely distributable (TeX, not the previewers and the printer drivers!) and that you find TeX all over the world on every computer family. Its greatest disadvantage is that it isn't very handy (works similar to a compiler) and it isn't wysiwyg. But many people like it. (BTW: This document is written using TeX. 8-) See What word processors are there?.

There are two major implementations on the Amiga. The first one, Amiga-TeX, from Thomas Rockicki and Radical Eye software is commercial. It is said to be excellent and his owners seem to be very satisfied. But it costs at least 200$.

I recommend PasTeX, a freely distributable version. People seem to have problems installing PasTeX, especially the font loading and generation (It's a quite complex program.) but I did not here anyone upset once it was installed. (A friend with knowledge of TeX helps immensely.) A few words should be said what you need:

Many people ask for fonts. They are included in the MetaFont-package and can get compiled by you. All you need to do is setting up your TeX-system in the right way which is described in the documentation. Please note that the PasTeX disks are compressed using the program Zoom. (see What are files ending with ...?) Sources: FTP at ftp.uni-passau.de, directory `/pub/amiga/tex/PasTeX1.3' and the Fish CDs.

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