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What documentation do I need as an Amiga programmer?

The best information available are the RKMs (ROM Kernel Manuals), 3rd edition, by Commodore, published by Addison-Wesley:
The Amiga ROM Kernel Manual:  Libraries, ISBN 0-201-56774-1
The Amiga ROM Kernel Manual:  Devices, ISBN 0-201-56775-X
The Amiga ROM Kernel Manual:  Includes and Autodocs, ISBN
The Amiga Hardware Manual, ISBN 0-201-56776-8
The Amiga User Interface Style Guide, ISBN 0-201-57757-7
Especially the RKM: Libraries is a must. The RKM: Includes and Autodocs isn't that much worth: Better get the same stuff on disk instead to have it online. See Where do I get the Amiga includes?.

AmigaDOS isn't included in these books. The Autodocs give much information, but to go deeper you probably need

The AmigaDOS Manual, 3rd Edition, ISBN 0-553-35403-5
published by Bantam Books.

A better choice for developers is

The Amiga Guru Book
by Ralph Babel. The book starts with a survey on different aspects of programming the Amiga. (About 250 pages) Useful for beginners are the sections on the Amiga's data types (not to be confused with the 3.x DataTypes used by MultiView, for example), the Includes and the amiga.lib. But even experienced programmers will find useful things here that are missing in the RKMs. But the largest part are about 500 pages on AmigaDOS and, as I think, the most important, because AmigaDOS is the worst officially documented part of the OS. The book is rather concise and hence not as easy to read as the RKMs, but I recommend it as an addition and instead of the AmigaDOS manual. (Not, however, a replacement for the Libraries and Devices, which aren't covered here.) Unfortunately the book has no ISBN and is available in special stores only. But there are some mail order companies which offer it for about 50$ and which accept credit cards:

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